How to Choose the Best Type of Windows to Decrease Noise Level?

How to Choose the Best Type of Windows to Decrease Noise Level?

Living near a highway or in a noisy neighborhood can be a bit bothersome especially when you just want to enjoy a quiet night inside your home. However, you can always get this fixed by minimising the noise through picking the right type of windows. Yes, there are windows that can help reduce noise level and allow you to enjoy a less noisy evening in the comforts of your home.

There are soundproof windows that keeps the noise out, but these options are known as expensive. Wanting to enjoy quiet time inside your home is not really a problem as there are a lot of options that you can choose from. However, the choosing part can take too much of your time especially when you can’t the help of an expert in Richmond.

If you are one of the countless homeowners who want to choose the best type of windows to decrease noise level in your home, then a few tips in choosing the best one can help you. Just make sure that you have a few requirements to consider in mind to make choosing faster and easier on your part.

Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Windows to Reduce Noise Level

There are a few tips that you can use in picking the best type of windows in reducing the noise level in your home. Take a look at the following to learn more:

1. Choose the thickness of the window

Basically, the thickness of the window will all depend on the level of noise you wanted to block. The STC rating is used to measure the amount of sound that a barrier can block. STC-25 is the lowest where you can hear normal speech volume while an STC-50 rating will help muffle the sound of musical instruments or loud stereos. Consulting an expert in Richmond will help you determine the thickness of the window you need for the level of noise you want to block.

This is the part where your personal requirements are considered. How much noise do you want to block off? Consider your location and also the main reason why you wanted to soundproof your home.

2. Getting a second glazing or replacing your old window with a soundproof window

With this one, you have to decide whether you want to keep your original window and just consider getting a second glazing or get a new soundproof window installed. Whichever you choose, it is best that you consider thinking about the current situation of your windows. Is it too old to prevent noise from coming in or can a few repairs plus another glazing help in reducing the noise level? If you are able to contact a glazing expert in Richmond, you will most likely find the right type of window and get recommendations about your windows’ conditions.

Take these tips into consideration as you decide on what type of windows could help you in decreasing the level of noise in your area. It is also highly recommended that you contact an expert to make the process easier and faster on your part.

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