Cold Drafts: What to Do if Your Windows Still Let Cold Air Inside?

Cold Drafts: What to Do if Your Windows Still Let Cold Air Inside?

Once the winter season starts and you notice that your living room is also getting cold, you might want to put off your plans of calling an HVAC contractor. Most likely, there’s something wrong with your windows. Yes, calling for a glazing expert in London would help, but it is better if you get to know first if your window really has the problem.

One way to do this is to simply feel around every opening. If you have a draft, check if you feel any chill getting in. Once you feel any cold air coming in, then your windows certainly need some help.

Cold air getting in your windows doesn’t mean that it requires replacement. Keep in mind that it isn’t always the solution. Whether your windows were newly installed or not, there are different reasons why your windows are letting cold air in. Getting to know the cause means that you’ll get to know the right thing to do to resolve the issue and ensuring that your windows are secured and leak free.

Things to Do When Your Windows are Still Letting Cold Air In

There are a few things that you can do once you figure out that your windows are still letting cold air in. Some of the things you can do are:

1. Get to know the reason

As mentioned, you have to know the main cause of the air coming in your windows. Sometimes, the common causes are cracks with caulking or loose fitting window sashes if you have wooden frames in use. Once you identify the cause, you can then move on to the right solutions.

2. Go for the right solutions to the cause of the problem

If the main causes are cracks with the caulking or even loose fitting window, weather stripping can help. You can reapply caulk to the affected areas and let it dry completely. To make sure that you get all the areas covered, you can feel around the windows and mark the area where the cold air gets in with a small post it or mark it with a pencil. For a loose fitting window, you can use weather strips, foam tape, window film, or get a window insulator kit. Most of these solutions are easy to do on your own and are effective in resealing your windows.

3. Call for an expert

In cases where you notice that the problem is unrepairable, you might want to consider calling an expert in glazing. You can find a reliable company in Richmond that can help you with that. Most likely, the contractor will tell you about the procedure that they’ll do and even give some tips to ensure that you won’t experience the same issue any time soon.

In dealing with cold drafts, it is highly recommended that you check all the possible causes before calling for help. Most of the time, the causes are repairable and can be done on your own. This way, you can save both your money and efforts in getting the job done.

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