How to Decrease Condensation in Your Windows?

How to Decrease Condensation in Your Windows?

Are you constantly noticing condensation in your windows? If so, then you might want to resolve this issue at once as it may lead to more serious issues in the future. It may not seem to be an issue at first as you would probably just wipe off the condensation, but doing so may result in worst conditions for your windows. Calling a glazing contractor in Richmond can help or you can also resort to simple methods you can do on your own to reduce condensation.

It is important for you to address condensation in your windows as soon as you notice it as it can lead to the accumulation of water inside the glass, which will result in dripping. Drips can then turn to another issue as water stains may leave permanent damage to flooring and sills. With these things in mind, you’ll understand why there is a need for immediate action for condensation problems.

There are a lot of solutions to decrease condensation in your window and getting to know a few will help you understand how to do it on your own.

Tips on Decreasing Condensation in Your Windows

To get started with some of the effective ways of decreasing the condensation in the windows, the following are some tips you can try:

1. Turning down the humidifier

If you tend to use a humidifier in any part of your home, you must expect condensation. You can turn it down a bit as it can help reducing condensation by releasing less dampness in the air.

2. Use exhaust fans in your kitchen or bathroom

Cooking and showering release lots of humidity in the air and this moisture doesn’t escape the house instantly. So, to in getting rid of the moisture, installing exhaust fans can do the job. Just let the fans run continuously for about 20 minutes maximum after cooking or showering will help.

3. Improve air circulation

One way to improve air circulation is using ceiling fans even during the winter season. You don’t have to use it every day. Just turning it on once in a while can help in improving air circulation as the fans will push the warm air off the ceiling to the floor. This will also push the air around, which will prevent condensation.

4. Add weather stripping

If you have storm windows and use them during winters, you might want to add weather stripping to the windows as it can prevent warm air from escaping. This also improves the energy efficiency of your home.

5. Install storm windows

Though storm windows may also accumulate condensation themselves, there is a great chance that the interior window will reduce building up frost. The space between these windows will keep the interior window warmer. Thus, decreasing condensation. When you notice that the storm windows are causing too much condensation, adding weather stripping is a great solution.

In case doing such processes seem like burdensome on your part, you can always choose to call for a glazing expert in Richmond to help you. Just make sure that you call one as soon as possible to address the issues immediately and professionally.

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