Is Double Glazing Really Efficient?

Efficiency of Double Glazing

Homeowners in Richmond used to face problems like poor heat insulation with their windows. During winter, heat is very crucial, and it should be kept indoors to keep the house warm and comfy for everybody. The heat escapes from the windows and the cold air from the outside comes in. This is the usual thing that happens when you have single paned windows. This problem resulted in the invention of double-glazed windows. These modern windows are claimed more energy-efficient than the single paned windows.

Energy-efficient glazing is a term used for describing the triple or double glazing usage in the contemporarily designed windows installed in most houses in Richmond these days. Compared to single glazing or the old double glazing process, energy-efficient glazing is incorporating the coated glass for preventing the heat from escaping over the windows. It is making the windows excellent when it comes to heat insulation. Hence, double-glazed windows improve your home’s energy efficiency, helping you to save cash on your monthly heating bills.

The Low-E Glass

The low-emissivity glass or the low-e glass is the kind of energy-efficient glass, which is specifically designed for preventing the heat inside your house from escaping over your windows while letting the external cold air come in. The low-e glass comes with an imperceptible coating that can dramatically reduce heat transfer and show the inner heat back to your room.

Unfortunately, older models of double glazed windows don’t have low-emissivity glass. Therefore, it is hard to say that they are energy-efficient. By replacing your old windows with low-emissivity glazing, you enhance your home’s energy efficiency. It will also cut your electric bills every month and your carbon footprint’s size is decreased. The low-e glazing windows could make your house more energy-efficient compared to older double glazed windows without low-e coating.

Low-e glass is very beneficial. It is proven essential for the buildings or rooms that have high proportions of glass doors or windows like sunrooms and conservatories. The usage of low-e glazing helps in retaining heat even during winter. It lets you use these rooms with comfort for several weeks to months. Modern double-glazed windows are more beneficial than their earlier versions. These windows are here to give every homeowner the best solution for keeping their bedrooms warm during winter and cool during sunny days. These windows offer people the opportunity to save more on their cooling and central heating systems.

The low-e glass on modern double glazing is likewise recommended for the east or north facing windows, wherein a bigger heat loss proportion will be expected. For the west-facing and south-facing glazing in which overheating could become a major issue during the hot summer season, your window installer might suggest the application of solar control glass. You will find a lot of choices to choose from when it comes to solar control glass.

Double glazed windows are truly great when it comes to reducing your monthly cooling and heating costs. These can also be helpful when adding more value to your home. Just go for the best when looking for the best double glazed window and you’ll be glad that you did. Call Richmond Glazing Company today! 

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